How Fridge Compressor Works? – Complete Guide

Fridge Compressor – Explaination

A fridge compressor is a compressor that compresses the refrigerant in the refrigerator. The compressor in the refrigerator is critical to producing cooling in the refrigerator. Food can be kept for a long time in this manner. The compressor is sometimes known as the refrigerator’s “heart.” This is a crucial and costly component of the air-cooling system. To circulate the refrigerant throughout the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerator compressor acts as both a motor and a pump.

How Fridge Compressor Works?

The refrigerant is moved through the system by the refrigerator compressor, which is both a motor and a pump. When the temperature inside the refrigerator climbs over its predetermined point, temperature sensors trigger the compressor to turn on. No refrigerator is totally airtight; cold air escapes and warmer air enters, raising the temperature above the set point.

The compressor sucks in the cold refrigerant gas in liquid form as it exits the evaporator as soon as it starts up. Refrigerators use a refrigerant gas that transforms into a liquid at extremely low temperatures: -15.9 degrees Fahrenheit (-26.6 degrees Celsius). The compressor then compresses the gas by applying pressure to it. The temperature of the gas rises as it is compressed.

The heated, compressed gas is pushed out of the refrigerator through the outer metal coils (tubes) on the rear or bottom. The heat is dissipated into the surrounding air via these coils. The gas cools and turns into a liquid because it is under pressure.

Until it reaches the expansion valve, the liquid gas continues to flow through the system. The valve pushes the liquid through a tiny hole, transforming it into a freezing mist that evaporates as it passes past the freezer coils. At -27 degrees F, this evaporation takes place (-33 degrees Celsius).

The cold liquid gas takes heat from the surrounding air in the freezer and refrigerator compartments as it passes through the coils. The second rule of thermodynamics states that heat transfers from warmer to colder objects. The evaporating gas is the colder object, whereas the air is the warmer.

Back to the compressor, the coils lead. Pressure is exerted on the liquid when it reaches the compressor. To release heat into the air, the compressor feeds the hot gas back via the outside coils. The compression and evaporation process continues until the refrigerator temperature reaches the desired setting. The temperature sensors inform the compressor to turn off once the temperature has reached its predetermined point.

How do you tell if the compressor in your refrigerator is broken?

There’s a good probability your compressor has been destroyed if your refrigerator isn’t cooling things like food and water.

Another technique to see if the compressor is malfunctioning is to take the refrigerator away from the wall and listen closely. There could be a problem with the compressor if you hear a tiny hum while the motor is working yet the temperature is higher than usual.

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