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    amir mian
    amir mian
    I got Saddiq contact from web called him he came in half sn fixed the washing machine and panel absolutely professional prices was great as well highly recommended
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Professional team, easy to work with. They take responsibility for the work they do, which is not easy to find
    Tariq Haseeb
    Tariq Haseeb
    I had a problem with my Bosch Fridge and ART were assigned to look into it by the property managing agent. The technician (Sadiq) turned up within a couple of hours and proved very professional and knowledgable. He identified the problem and provided an estimate to the managing agent for their approval. Once the approval was given, and as the fault was complicated, Sadiq turned up within an hour to collect the fridge (alone!) and take it to the workshop for the necessary repair. It took less than 24 hours for the fridge to be repaired, tested and returned to my apartment by Sadiq (alone again). This was four days ago and the fridge is working perfectly since. I am very happy with the service provided by ART in general, and Sadiq in particular, and would highly recommend them to others with appliances problems. Thank you ART, thank you Sadiq for a job very well done ......
    Nicola Bradbury
    Nicola Bradbury
    Excellent service, nice guys ..very effecient, my washing machine came back after two days looking brand new ....!! Recommend highly
    Meg De Leon
    Meg De Leon
    They are very east to contact and excellent in fixing appliances
    Tiljo T. Antony
    Tiljo T. Antony
    ART Works LLC is a very professional maintenance company. I use them for all maintenance requirements for all of my apartment. They complete the work in a professional way, timely mannar and at affordable cost. Sadiq from their company has been very friendly and helpful and I call him always.
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Good sirvice
    Humaid Almulla
    Humaid Almulla
    Fast, convenient & efficient
    Hannah Genevas
    Hannah Genevas
    Good service and fast repair. Would use them again.

    Daewoo Service Centre Dubai - Authorize Daewoo Appliances Repairing

    Art Works LLC is a private limited home appliances repair company. We are not directly represent the Daewoo Products, but we have a professional and experienced Daewoo Home Appliances Repair Experts in Dubai.

    Daewoo is known across the globe for its top-notch kitchen appliances. What sets this company of South Korean origin apart from others is the fact that it produces items of all sizes and capacities. From small products like toasters and meat grinders to massive appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, they make them all. At the Daewoo Service Center, we help the users of Daewoo home appliances in repairing their faulty and out-of-warranty appliances.

    The Daweoo Service Center started its operations a decade back. It caters to the users of Daewoo home appliances of the residents of Dubai. There could be any issue with the home appliance you use and the experts at Daweoo service center in Dubai will make sure to resolve it within minutes. 

    Daewoo Authorize Service Center Dubai

    Finding an appliance repair technician who knows his job and explains the diagnosis and repair options well is tough! This is why, the Daewoo Service Center official is a trusted partner of residents in Dubai as it has a team of experts. Also, as it is the authorized Daewoo authorized repair center, the clients can trust it with their eyes closed. 

    The certified Daewoo engineers at the Daewoo appliances service center are thorough professionals who can easily repair all kinds of appliances that the company manufactures. From fridge to cooker and from cooking range to dishwasher, the Daewoo authorized repair center has covered them all. 

    Daewoo Home Appliances Service Center Dubai

    If you are wondering which appliances the experts at the Daewoo service center repair; the answer is pretty simple. It repairs all those appliances that Daewoo manufactures. Being the Daewoo service center official representative, it covers everything. 

    The appliances repaired by the Daewoo appliances service center include cookers, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, cooking ranges and fridges. 

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    Daewoo Washing Machine Repair Service Center Dubai

    For a big household, a washing machine is of immense importance. If it stops working, there becomes a massive problem in regular day-to-day activities. In case you have a Daewoo Washing Machine and it starts showing some operational errors, look no further and book an appointment with the Daewoo washing machine service center. 

    The Dawoo washing machine repair center is loaded with engineers who are experts at solving washing machine issues. Some major problems that mostly affect the performance of this home appliance include its inability to spin the clothes, an error in the water inlet, overflow of the water, an error in the water temperature and an issue with the motor alignment along with several others. 

    Encountering any such issue would surely lead to the Daewoo washing machine service center near me research. In such a case, your best bet is to head over to the Daewoo washing machine repair service center in Dubai and the technicians will reach your doorstep to solve the problem.

    Daewoo Dishwasher Repair Service Center Dubai

    Eating food in dirty dishes is the biggest pet peeve for most people! If you are one of them and your dishwasher stops working, the first thing you must do is connect with the Daewoo dishwasher service center. 

    While you are in Dubai and your recent Google search has the query Daewoo dishwasher repair near me, you would be happy to know that a simple phone call at +971 50 3783499 would help you fix an appointment with the Daewoo dishwasher engineer. 

    Daewoo Fridge Repair Service Center Dubai

    If your food is getting rotten in the fridge, it is high time to get the Daewoo refrigerator service and get your refrigerator/fridge checked. A lot of times, this hope appliance stops working owing to sensor issues, compressor problems, temperature display issues and even the loose door. 

    No matter what the issue may be, the Daewoo fridge freezer repairs experts make sure to sort the problem out in no time. Simply book an appointment online or in person and get the freezer fixed to keep your food fresh. 

    Daewoo Cooking Range Service Center Dubai

    Want to bake a cake but the cooking range is not working? Well, go to the website of Daewoo Cooking Range Repair service center and book an online appointment. As these services are available 24/7, you would be amazed to see how quickly the Daewoo Stove Repair expert reaches your home and gives you a solution.

    Daewoo Dryer Repair Service Center Dubai

    Wearing wet clothes is a big NO! If your Daewoo dryer is not working, you do not need to torture yourself by wearing wet clothes. Rather, you simply need to check out the Daewoo Dryer Repair Service Center in Dubai and get an appointment for yourself. 

    Make a quick call to Daewoo dryer service phone number +971 50 3783499 for all your queries related to the Daewoo washer dryer repair issues and problems. 

    Why Choose The Daewoo Service Center?

    There are numerous reasons why the Daewoo Repair Service Center should be your top priority when it comes to choosing a home appliance repair service. First Things First,  this company has a team of experts who are highly skilled and equipped. They are well aware of all the technicalities related to home appliances and can repair them efficiently. 

    Secondly,  the services offered by the Daewoo service center are highly affordable. Despite offering maintenance services in Dubai, we are reasonably priced. 

    Hired Daewoo Service Center Experts

    If you own Daewoo appliances, you need to keep the Daewoo service center dubai contact number on your fingertips and it will save you from the hassle of managing a faulty product. The certified technicians at the Daewoo authorized repair center are skilled enough to help you with all the problems associated with Daewoo appliances.
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