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    amir mian
    amir mian
    I got Saddiq contact from web called him he came in half sn fixed the washing machine and panel absolutely professional prices was great as well highly recommended
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Professional team, easy to work with. They take responsibility for the work they do, which is not easy to find
    Tariq Haseeb
    Tariq Haseeb
    I had a problem with my Bosch Fridge and ART were assigned to look into it by the property managing agent. The technician (Sadiq) turned up within a couple of hours and proved very professional and knowledgable. He identified the problem and provided an estimate to the managing agent for their approval. Once the approval was given, and as the fault was complicated, Sadiq turned up within an hour to collect the fridge (alone!) and take it to the workshop for the necessary repair. It took less than 24 hours for the fridge to be repaired, tested and returned to my apartment by Sadiq (alone again). This was four days ago and the fridge is working perfectly since. I am very happy with the service provided by ART in general, and Sadiq in particular, and would highly recommend them to others with appliances problems. Thank you ART, thank you Sadiq for a job very well done ......
    Nicola Bradbury
    Nicola Bradbury
    Excellent service, nice guys ..very effecient, my washing machine came back after two days looking brand new ....!! Recommend highly
    Meg De Leon
    Meg De Leon
    They are very east to contact and excellent in fixing appliances
    Tiljo T. Antony
    Tiljo T. Antony
    ART Works LLC is a very professional maintenance company. I use them for all maintenance requirements for all of my apartment. They complete the work in a professional way, timely mannar and at affordable cost. Sadiq from their company has been very friendly and helpful and I call him always.
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Good sirvice
    Humaid Almulla
    Humaid Almulla
    Fast, convenient & efficient
    Hannah Genevas
    Hannah Genevas
    Good service and fast repair. Would use them again.

    Bosch Service Centre Dubai - Authorize Bosch Appliances Repairing

    Art Works LLC is a private limited home appliances repair company. We are not directly represent the Bosch Products, but we have a professional and experienced Bosch Home Appliances Repair Experts in Dubai.

    Owning a Bosch home appliance is indeed a wise decision to make. However, when that appliance goes out of warranty, it causes a lot of panic and annoyance. If something like that happens to you while you reside in Dubai, remember that the Bosch Service center is at your rescue with its team of expert technicians. As they are well-experienced in their field, they know how to help you. The Bosch appliances service center, operating in the United Arab Emirates, offers affordable appliance repair services to the clients. These services are highly affordable, quick and reliable. 

    The Bosch is also known as BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. It is a top-notch company when it comes to reliable home appliances and electronic products. Founded by Robert Bosch in 1967, it is now headed by Matthias Metz. In the year 2023, it generated sales of around 91.6 billion euros. 

    In case an appliance by Bosch starts showing some problems, the Bosch authorized repair center in Dubai is worth trying. It saves you from the hassle of having to find an authentic repair technician for the appliances of daily usage at your home. 

    Read on to learn more about the Bosch-authorized repair center in Dubai

    Bosch Authorize Service Center Dubai

    Finding an appliance repair technician who knows his job and explains the diagnosis and repair options well is tough! This is why, the Bosch service center official is a trusted partner of residents in Dubai as it has a team of experts. Also, as it is the authorized Bosch authorized repair center, the clients can trust it with their eyes closed. 

    The certified Brosch engineers at the Bosch appliances service center are thorough professionals who can easily repair all kinds of appliances that the company manufactures. From fridge to cooker and from cooking range to dishwasher, the Bosch authorized repair center has covered them all. 

    Bosch Home Appliances Service Center Dubai

    If you are wondering which appliances the experts at the Bosch service center repair; the answer is pretty simple. It repairs all those appliances that Bosch manufactures. Being the Bosch service center official representative, it covers everything. 

    The appliances repaired by the Bosch appliances service center include cookers, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, cooking ranges and fridges. 

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    Bosch Washing Machine Repair Service Center Dubai

    When you load your washing machine with dirty clothes, hit the start button and it doesn’t work, it can be owing to many reasons. The problem could be a clogged drain hose, the inability of the spin cycle to work, a broken drive belt or even the display error codes in case you have a modern washing machine. Being a layman to these appliances, you obviously won’t be able to make it work. This is when the Bosch washing machine service center comes in handy. 

    The Bosch washing machine repair center has many experts that can spot the problem within seconds. All you need to do is to look for the Bosch washing machine service center near me and get an appointment fixed. 

    Repair All Bosch Washing Machine Issues

    Bosch washing machines, like any appliance, can encounter various problems during their lifespan. Here’s a list of common issues that users may experience with Bosch washing machines:

    • Door Lock Problems: The door may not lock properly, preventing the washing cycle from starting.
    • Water Supply Issues: Problems with water inlet valves or hoses can lead to inadequate water supply or no water entering the machine.
    • Drainage Problems: Clogged drain hoses, filters, or pump can cause drainage issues, resulting in water not draining properly from the machine.
    • Motor Faults: Issues with the motor can lead to abnormal noise, failure to spin, or complete breakdown of the machine.
    • Heating Element Problems: Malfunctioning heating elements can result in inadequate heating of water, leading to ineffective washing or drying cycles.
    • Temperature Sensor Malfunction: Faulty temperature sensors can cause inaccuracies in temperature control, affecting the washing performance.
    • Control Board Failures: Problems with the control board can result in various issues such as error codes, failure to start, or erratic behavior of the machine.
    • Bearing Wear: Worn-out bearings can cause excessive noise during operation, especially during the spin cycle.
    • Leakage: Faulty seals or hoses can lead to water leakage from the machine, potentially causing damage to surrounding areas.
    • Drum Obstructions: Foreign objects stuck in the drum can lead to noise, imbalance, or damage during operation.
    • Imbalance: Uneven distribution of laundry within the drum can cause the machine to vibrate excessively or stop mid-cycle.
    • Detergent Dispenser Issues: Clogged or malfunctioning detergent dispensers can result in improper dispensing of detergent, affecting washing performance.
    • Child Lock Problems: Issues with the child lock feature can lead to difficulty in operating the machine or unintended activation of the lock.
    • Spin Cycle Problems: Failure to spin or incomplete spinning can be caused by various factors including motor issues, imbalance, or faulty components.
    • Timer or Program Selector Malfunction: Problems with the timer or program selector can result in incorrect cycle durations or failure to select desired programs.
    • Noise During Operation: Excessive noise during operation can be indicative of various underlying issues such as bearing wear, drum obstructions, or motor problems.
    • Electrical Issues: Wiring problems or electrical component failures can lead to erratic behavior, failure to start, or safety hazards.
    • Excessive Foam: Improper use of detergent or issues with the detergent dispenser can lead to excessive foam generation, resulting in poor washing performance or even damage to the machine.
    • Error Codes: Various error codes may appear on the display panel, indicating specific issues that need to be addressed for proper functioning of the machine.
    • Overload Issues: Overloading the machine beyond its capacity can lead to strain on components, imbalance, or failure to properly wash clothes.

    If you encounter any of these problems or any other issues with your Bosch washing machine, it’s advisable to refer to the user manual for troubleshooting steps or seek assistance from a qualified technician like Bosch Service Center for diagnosis and repair.

    Repair All Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

    Bosch WAA Washing Machines:

    • Error 1: Water not heating; replace heater element.
    • Error 2: Motor problem; drum not turning.
    • Error 3: Door not closed or locking mechanism issue.
    • Error 4: Heating cycle activated at wrong time.
    • Error 5: Water not entering; check supply or valve.
    • Error 6: Drainage trouble at cycle end.
    • Error 7: Temperature sensor problem.

    Bosch WAE Washing Machines:

    • Error 1: Door lock issue.
    • Error 2: Slow drainage.
    • Error 3: Water filling problem.
    • Error 4: Motor fault.
    • Error 5: Water leakage detected.

    Bosch WFF Washing Machines:

    • Error 1: Door or locking mechanism issue.
    • Error 2: Water filling problem.
    • Error 3: Water heating issue.
    • Error 4: Slow water emptying.
    • Error 5: Motor drive circuit fault.
    • Error 6: Heating circuit activated incorrectly.
    • Error 7: Short circuit in temperature sensor.


    Bosch WFL Washing Machines:

    • Error 1: Door locking mechanism problem.
    • Error 2: Water filling issue.
    • Error 3: Water not heating.
    • Error 4: Slow water emptying.
    • Error 5: Motor drive circuit fault.
    • Error 6: Unexpected water heating.
    • Error 7: NTC temperature sensor fault.

    Bosch WFP Washing Machines:
    Various codes indicating water intake, heating, draining, motor, NTC, and communication errors. Solutions vary from checking hoses, filters, and taps to replacing faulty components.

    Bosch WOL Washing Machines:
    Similar error codes related to door, water filling, heating, emptying, NTC thermistor, motor drive circuit.

    Bosch WOK Washing Machines:
    Multiple error codes covering door, water heating, draining, motor, NTC thermistor, lid, top cover, and parking sensor issues. Requires professional repair for most faults.

    Bosch Dryer Repair Service Center Dubai

    In case your dryer is not working properly, causes excessive noise during operation or Fails to start at all,  you won’t need to visit the Bosch dryer repair center personally. Rather, you can simply make a call to the Bosch dryer repair center in Dubai and it will send an expert technician to your home. He would be equipped with all the genuine parts of the appliance including the thermostat, igniter and motor. 

    The company offers its repair services 24/7. Hence, there is help available throughout the day and you can avail the chance to get the dryer repaired soonest possible.

    Bosch Dishwasher Repair Service Center Dubai

    One of the most annoying things to do is to wash your dirty dishes with your hands! You would have to do that if the dishwasher suddenly stops working. However, if you make a quick call to the Bosch dishwasher service center, you won’t have to deal with this issue anymore. 

    You simply need to get an appointment from the Bosch dishwasher engineer and get your problems fixed. For that, look at the list Bosch dishwasher repair near me, and make an appointment at the one closest to you. 

    If the repair service is on-site, the company will keep you updated on the repair progress. 

    Repair All Bosch Dishwasher Issues & Problems

    • Leaking water
    • Failure to drain properly
    • Not filling with water
    • Inadequate cleaning
    • Persistent odors
    • Loud or unusual noises
    • Door latch issues
    • Error codes displaying
    • Detergent dispenser malfunction
    • Control panel failure
    • Clogged filters
    • Spray arm blockages
    • Rust or corrosion
    • Electrical problems
    • Overheating
    • Poor drying performance
    • Water not heating
    • Float switch problems
    • Sensor faults
    • Door seal deterioration

    Repair All Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

    • E01: Water inlet valve issue. Check for clogs and ensure proper water flow. Clean or replace the inlet valve if needed.
    • E02: Heating element problem. Inspect for damage or blockages. Replace the heating element if necessary.
    • E03: Water not draining properly. Check for blockages in the drain hose or filter. Clean them out to ensure proper drainage.
    • E04: Overfilled dishwasher. Inspect the float switch for obstructions. Clear any debris and ensure proper movement.
    • E05: Temperature sensor fault. Check for damage or loose connections in the temperature sensor. Replace if necessary.
    • E06: Door switch issue. Ensure the door is fully closed and latched. Check the door switch for damage and replace if needed.
    • E07: Water flow meter problem. Check for blockages and proper water pressure. Replace the flow meter if necessary.
    • E09: Faulty diverter valve. Inspect for blockages or damage. Clean or replace the diverter valve if needed.
    • E10: Faulty motor. Verify motor functionality and remove any obstructions. Replace the motor if necessary.
    • E12: Faulty pressure switch. Inspect for damage or blockages. Clean or replace the pressure switch if needed.
    • E14: Overflow error. Ensure the dishwasher isn’t overfilled and check for drain system obstructions. Clear blockages as needed.
    • E15: Water leakage in the base. Check for leaks and repair damaged seals or components.
    • E16 & E17: Water intake timeout. Verify proper water supply and check for inlet hose obstructions. Rectify water supply issues.
    • E18: Diverter valve error. Inspect for blockages or damage. Clean or replace the diverter valve if necessary.
    • E19: Water temperature sensor issue. Check for damage or loose connections. Replace the sensor if needed.
    • E20: Water heating error. Ensure the heating element is functioning properly and not obstructed. Replace if necessary.
    • E21: Circulation pump blockage. Check for obstructions and clear as needed. Replace the circulation pump if necessary.
    • E22: Faulty sump pump. Inspect for damage or blockages. Replace the sump pump if needed.
    • E23: Leak detected in the base. Check for leaks and repair damaged components.
    • E24: Drain pump error. Inspect for blockages or damage. Replace the drain pump if necessary.
    • E25: Drain pump blocked. Check for obstructions and clear them out.
    • E27: Issue with the anti-flood system. Check for leaks and repair as necessary.
    • E0100, E0103, E0105, E0106, E0107, E0110: Communication error. Reset the dishwasher and ensure proper connections.
    • E2030, E2060, E2120, E2130: Issue with the control module. Reset the dishwasher and check for damaged components.
    • E3000, E3100, E3200, E3300 & E3400: Water level error. Ensure proper water supply and check for obstructions.
    • E6001, E6002, E6101, E6102, E6103, E6160, E6900, E8000, E9001, E9240: These are less common errors. Refer to the user manual or contact Bosch customer support for assistance.
    • H01: Heating error. Check the heating element for damage or blockages. Replace if necessary.

    Bosch Fridge Repair Service Center Dubai

    Are you smelling some foul smell coming from your Bosch fridge and have no idea what to do? Well, not an issue. The expert technicians at the Bosch fridge service center will help you get rid of it within minutes. 

    The timeliness and efficiency of service offered by the Bosch refrigerator service center is indeed commendable. The experts will also provide you with tips for optimal fridge performance. If needed, they will replace the faulty compressor, evaporator coil or defrost heater with genuine spare parts. 

    Repair All Bosch Fridge Issues / Problems

    • Temperature Fluctuations: Inconsistent temperatures inside the refrigerator or freezer compartments, leading to food spoilage or freezing.
    • Excessive Frost Build-Up: Ice accumulation inside the freezer, hindering proper cooling and potentially causing damage to the appliance.
    • Water Leaks: Water pooling around or inside the refrigerator, often due to a clogged or malfunctioning defrost drain, water line, or damaged door seal.
    • Unusual Noises: Loud or unusual noises such as buzzing, humming, rattling, or clicking, which could indicate issues with the compressor, evaporator fan, or other internal components.
    • Ice Maker Malfunctions: Problems with the ice maker, such as failure to produce ice, producing small or misshapen ice cubes, or leaking water.
    • Faulty Lights: Issues with interior lights not turning on or flickering, caused by defective light bulbs or electrical problems.
    • Door Seal Problems: Damaged or worn-out door seals, leading to air leaks and improper sealing, which can affect temperature regulation and energy efficiency.
    • Condensation: Excessive moisture or condensation inside the refrigerator, often due to high humidity levels or door seal issues.
    • Odors: Persistent or unusual odors inside the refrigerator, caused by spoiled food, bacterial growth, or mold accumulation.
    • Electronic Control Issues: Malfunctions or errors displayed on the refrigerator’s control panel, indicating problems with sensors, control boards, or wiring.
    • Compressor Failure: The compressor, responsible for cooling the refrigerator, may fail over time, resulting in inadequate cooling or complete loss of cooling.
    • Water Dispenser Problems: Issues with the water dispenser, such as slow water flow, leaks, or no water dispensing at all, caused by clogged filters, faulty valves, or damaged tubing.

    Repair All Bosch Fridge Error Codes

    • E1 or F1: This code typically indicates a sensor failure or malfunction. Try resetting the refrigerator by unplugging it for a few minutes, then plug it back in. If the error persists, contact a technician for sensor replacement.
    • E2 or F2: This error usually points to a problem with the refrigerator’s defrost system. Check if the defrost timer or heater is faulty and replace them if necessary.
    • E3 or F3: This code often indicates a fault with the refrigerator’s evaporator fan. Inspect the fan for any obstructions or signs of damage. If the fan is not working properly, it may need to be replaced.
    • E4 or F4: This error suggests a problem with the refrigerator’s compressor. Check for any loose connections or damaged wires. If everything appears to be in order, the compressor might need to be replaced.
    • E5 or F5: This error indicates issues with the refrigerator’s temperature sensor. Ensure that the sensor is properly connected and not damaged. If the problem persists, consider replacing the sensor.
    • E6 or F6: This code commonly signifies a communication error between the refrigerator’s control board and other components. Reset the refrigerator and check for any loose connections. If the error persists, the control board may need to be replaced.
    • E7 or F7: This error typically points to a problem with the refrigerator’s door latch or seal. Inspect the door gasket for any tears or damage and replace it if necessary. Additionally, ensure that the door is closing properly.
    • E8 or F8: This code indicates a problem with the refrigerator’s ice maker or water supply. Check for any clogs in the water line or issues with the ice maker mechanism. Clean or replace any faulty components to resolve the error.
    • E9 or F9: This error suggests a fault with the refrigerator’s condenser fan. Inspect the fan for any obstructions or signs of damage. If the fan is not working properly, it may need to be replaced.
    • EA or FA: This code often signifies a problem with the refrigerator’s electronic control board. Try resetting the control board by unplugging the refrigerator for a few minutes, then plug it back in. If the error persists, the control board may need to be replaced.

    Bosch Cooking Range Service Center Dubai

    Having a hard time turning on your Bosch cooking range? Well, no worries as the Bosch cooking range service center would make sure you can cook on your stove without any further delay. Whether the problem resides with the Burners not igniting, Uneven cooking temperatures or the Faulty thermostat, the experts at the Bosch cooking range service center would be equipped with all the necessary tools required to sort the issue. 

    The Bosch cooking range engineer offering you help would be well aware of all the ways through which your cooking range can be brought back to life. 

    Repair All Cooking Range Problems

    • Burner not igniting.
    • Uneven flame distribution.
    • Gas leakage.
    • Oven not heating up.
    • Temperature fluctuations.
    • Broken knobs or controls.
    • Self-cleaning function not working.
    • Burner producing soot.
    • Oven door not closing properly.
    • Electrical issues (e.g., tripped circuit breaker).
    • Gas odor when stove is turned on.
    • Excessive smoke when cooking.
    • Pilot light won’t stay lit.
    • Timer malfunction.
    • Ignition sparking continuously.
    • Rust or corrosion on burners or surfaces.
    • Oven light not working.
    • Burner clicking but not lighting.
    • Uneven cooking results.
    • Excessive heat escaping from oven door.

    Repair All Bosch Cooking Range Error Codes

    • Er1: Temperature sensor failure
      Solution: Check and replace the temperature sensor if necessary.
    • Er2: Faulty mains connection
      Solution: Check the mains connection for any issues or faults.
    • Er4: Temperature sensor failure
      Solution: Replace the temperature sensor.
    • Er6: Door lock faulty
      Solution: Check and replace the door lock mechanism if needed.
    • Er7: Door release mechanism faulty
      Solution: Check and replace the door release mechanism as required.
    • F32: Temperature sensor failure
      Solution: Replace the temperature sensor.
    • F41: Faulty latch motor or wiring
      Solution: Inspect and replace the latch motor or its wiring if faulty.
    • F42: Faulty or jammed lower oven door or latch switches
      Solution: Check for obstructions and replace faulty latch switches if necessary.
    • F43: Faulty latch motor or wiring
      Solution: Inspect and replace the latch motor or wiring as needed.
    • F44: Faulty latch motor or wiring
      Solution: Check and replace the latch motor or wiring if faulty.
    • F45: Defective or jammed upper oven door or latch switches
      Solution: Check for obstructions and replace faulty latch switches if needed.
    • F0: Various communication errors
      Solution: Check connections and replace faulty components as necessary.
    • F1: Touch Control or NTC fault
      Solution: Replace the Touch Control or NTC component if faulty.
    • F2: Touch Control overheating
      Solution: Allow appliance to cool down and follow operating instructions.
    • F3: Cooking sensor fault
      Solution: Check wiring and connections, replace cooking sensor if needed.
    • F4: Touch Control overheating
      Solution: Allow appliance to cool down and follow operating instructions.
    • F6: Temperature sensor or regulator module issue
      Solution: Check and replace defective components accordingly.
    • F7: Frying sensor fault
      Solution: Check wiring and connections, replace frying sensor if necessary.
    • F8: Cooking time limiter
      Solution: Normal operation, no action required.
    • F9: Piezo Control fault
      Solution: Replace the Piezo Panel or control/display module as needed.
    • ErXY: Internal Touch Control fault
      Solution: Note the issue, not relevant for user rectification.
    • Er21: Signal Control module overheating
      Solution: Press the touch key to switch off the acoustic signal, check for electrical links between touch keys.
    • Er22: Touch key fault
      Solution: Check and replace defective touch keys or electronics.
    • Er25: Faulty electronics connection
      Solution: Check and correct connections, ensure flat conductor is plugged straight.
    • Er26: Relay circuit board fault
      Solution: Check connections and replace defective components if needed.
    • Er38: Hall sensor fault at TwistPad/TipPad
      Solution: Check and correct control knob position, operate TipPad correctly, or replace TwistPad/TipPad if necessary.
    • Er42: Power supply fault
      Solution: Check for faulty voltage and connections, replace electronics module if needed.
    • U240/U400: Excess voltage or no mains voltage
      Solution: Check mains connection and wiring, ensure safety of connections, and disconnect appliance if necessary.

    Bosch Stove Repair Service Center Dubai

    The Bosch stove repair service center operating in Dubai is one of the most trusted places where the owners of stoves head to the moment they find out their appliance isn’t working well. 

    Don’t worry about that we repair all bosch stove or gas stove issues at affordable cost with 100% warranty of repairing.

    Bosch Authorize Dubai Contact Number

    Connecting with the Bosch service center is hassle-free and scheduling appointments with it is super fast. Simply make a call at 971 50 3783499 and get your appointment booked for On-site repairs or home visit requests for emergency repairs.

    Why Choose Bosch Service Center?

    The Bosch Service center is a trusted company that makes sure the engineers and technicians are well-equipped with all the necessary skills and tools required to sort out issues in home appliances. 

    Alongside this, another major reason why you should choose the Bosch authorized repair center whenever a Bosch appliance stops working is owing to its quick services. The service center has authentic spare parts to repair your appliance properly. 

    The team of experts is available 24/7 for assistance with your repair request. The certified workers at Bosch home appliance repair center are quick to spot the problems and sort them out in your appliances of daily usage.

    The Bosch Home Appliances Service center makes the lives of Bosch appliance owners easier with a satisfaction guarantee! It has a compact team of experts who are available for your service 24/7. The services are low-cost but high in value that you can trust with your eyes closed! 

    Call Us Now!