Common Fridge Problems That Is Not Cooling

There are several reasons why your refrigerator doesn’t cool properly. But the first step in performing a proper refrigerator repair is to identify precisely what is wrong. You need to perform some basic diagnostic procedures to diagnose and then fix the problem before calling a technician in Dubai to review it. However, professional Fridge Repair Dubai use these initial procedures to determine if the problem is an easy solution before moving on to more complex processes. We will quickly move on to these initial tests below.

Check the Refrigerator’s Power

The easiest way to check if your refrigerator is getting power is to see if the light is on. You can also place your hand on the grill behind the appliance to feel the heat. If it’s hot in the back and the light is on, you won’t have power problems. But if the power is off, then you should follow these troubleshooting steps:

Check If The Power Cord Is Connected. If Not, Click It Correctly.

  • Does the plug work as it should? The plug can be tested with a tester or multimeter. You can also connect something else to see if it works. If the plug doesn’t work, that’s your problem. If not, go ahead.
  • Some refrigerators have an on/off switch that needs to be turned on. The controller can sometimes be accidentally turned off when moving things.

The Refrigerator Door Needs To Be Closed.

Of course, the refrigerator door should always be kept closed so cold air cannot escape from the cabinets. In addition, the refrigerator must be on a flat surface so that the door can be closed properly. Always make sure that there is nothing inside the unit that could prevent the door from closing completely. If the problem isn’t fixed sometimes, it could lead to a gas leak and require extensive repairs to the refrigerator.

Defrost The Refrigerator

If you notice a buildup of ice in your refrigerator, which could affect its performance, you should thaw it. The idea is to close the fridge and leave it until all the ice melts. Then, turn it back on after cleaning it thoroughly.

Listen To See If The Refrigerator Fan Is Working

Place your ears at the bottom of the refrigerator to see if the fans inside the unit are working. There should be two fans that you can hear clearly as you run, one inside and one underneath. If these fans aren’t working or one of them isn’t working, check to see if something is blocking them. But if nothing stops you, there may be another reason why it doesn’t work, so contact a refrigerator repair who will replace the fans.