Your Dishwasher Bothering You?

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Prime standard and high-quality parts
Quality repairing
Affordable and cost-effective appliance repair
Flawless dishwasher functioning

Dishwasher Parts We Repair

If Dishwasher Having Trouble Or It Fails To Function!

Dish-Rack Roller/Stop Clip
Rack Adjuster
Mounting Bracket
Door Latch/Seal
Rack Slide And Cap
Lower Rack Wheel Kit
Bottom Door Gasket
Upper Roller And Axle
Heating Element
Corner Tub Baffle
Rack Track Stop
Dishwasher Spoon Net

Dishwasher Repairs In Dubai

Dishes remaining dirty, door not closing, leaks, excessive noise –don’t resort to doing the washing up just yet.

Our experts can repair, fixing, install, maintenance of all brands, and all items i.e free standing and built-in appliances.

Items are

  • Dishwasher