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    amir mian
    amir mian
    I got Saddiq contact from web called him he came in half sn fixed the washing machine and panel absolutely professional prices was great as well highly recommended
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Anastassiya Pereverzeva
    Professional team, easy to work with. They take responsibility for the work they do, which is not easy to find
    Tariq Haseeb
    Tariq Haseeb
    I had a problem with my Bosch Fridge and ART were assigned to look into it by the property managing agent. The technician (Sadiq) turned up within a couple of hours and proved very professional and knowledgable. He identified the problem and provided an estimate to the managing agent for their approval. Once the approval was given, and as the fault was complicated, Sadiq turned up within an hour to collect the fridge (alone!) and take it to the workshop for the necessary repair. It took less than 24 hours for the fridge to be repaired, tested and returned to my apartment by Sadiq (alone again). This was four days ago and the fridge is working perfectly since. I am very happy with the service provided by ART in general, and Sadiq in particular, and would highly recommend them to others with appliances problems. Thank you ART, thank you Sadiq for a job very well done ......
    Nicola Bradbury
    Nicola Bradbury
    Excellent service, nice guys ..very effecient, my washing machine came back after two days looking brand new ....!! Recommend highly
    Meg De Leon
    Meg De Leon
    They are very east to contact and excellent in fixing appliances
    Tiljo T. Antony
    Tiljo T. Antony
    ART Works LLC is a very professional maintenance company. I use them for all maintenance requirements for all of my apartment. They complete the work in a professional way, timely mannar and at affordable cost. Sadiq from their company has been very friendly and helpful and I call him always.
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Sadiq gumbat Sadiq
    Good sirvice
    Humaid Almulla
    Humaid Almulla
    Fast, convenient & efficient
    Hannah Genevas
    Hannah Genevas
    Good service and fast repair. Would use them again.

    Miele Service Centre Dubai - Authorize Miele Appliances Repairing

    Art Works LLC is a private limited home appliances repair company. We are not directly represent the Miele Products, but we have a professional and experienced Miele Home Appliances Repair Experts in Dubai.

    Having its origin in Germany, Miele is one of the most sought-after appliance manufacturers across the globe. It’s been ages since it has been on the market and now has a loyal client base that trusts its products blindly. The products vy Miele are long-lasting and highly durable.

    However, if you own a Miele product and it stops working, then we are the best Miele appliances repair company in Dubai . The Miele Service Center operating in Dubai would be at your service. The experts working with the company provide top-notch repair and maintenance services for Miele home appliances. Located at Dubai, this Miele appliances service centre has been providing quick and efficient services to Miele appliance users. 

    Miele Authorized Service Center Dubai

    The Miele home appliances repair service center in Dubai is an authorized service center of the company Miele. You won’t have to worry about the quality of services provided as all the technicians are well-trained, well educated and highly skilled. 

    The service center experts explain the diagnoses first and provide estimates before going ahead with the repairs.

    Miele Home Appliances Service Center Dubai

    If you are wondering which appliances the experts at the Miele service center repair; the answer is pretty simple. It repairs all those appliances that Miele manufactures.

    The appliances repaired by the Miele appliances service center include cookers, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, cooking ranges and fridges. 

    • Miele Service Center Dubai
    • Miele Authorize Service Centre
    • Miele Service Center Contact Number
    • Miele Washing Machine Repair In Dubai
    • Miele Fridge Repair Dubai
    • Miele Refrigerator Repair Dubai
    • Miele Dishwasher Repair Dubai
    • Miele Dryer Repair Dubai
    • Miele Cooking Range Repair Dubai
    • Miele Stove Repair Dubai
    • Miele Gas Range Repair Dubai

    Miele Washing Machine Repair Service Center Dubai

    Whether you have a Top-loading washing machine, Front-loading washing machine or the High-efficiency (HE) washing machine by Miele, repairing it gets easy; thanks to the Miele washing machine repair centre. 

    If you reside in Dubai, simply search the Miele service center near me and you’ll find out our company in Dubai because we have a team of professionals & experienced.! 

    The Miele washing machine service centre solves all kinds of issues and problems that your washing machine may be facing. This includes everything from the water temperature problem to the Issues with the drain hose. Overflowing water, a malfunctioning dryer and even the extra noise being made by the Miele washing machine can easily be managed by the expert technicians at the Miele washing machine repair center

    If required, they will replace the faulty part of the machine with a genuine/original spare part.

    The Miele washing machine engineer who will work for you will be highly reliable and trustworthy. All the experts working at the Miele washing machine repair centre know their craft well and are pros at what they do!

    • Miele Washing Machine Service Center
    • Miele Washing Machine Repair
    • Miele Washing Machine Repair Service Centre
    • Miele Washing Machine Repair Near Me

    Repair All Miele Washing Machine Problems

    • Agitation Issues: The agitation process in your washing machine might face issues due to a variety of reasons such as overloading, malfunctioning of agitator components, drive belt issues, loosening of the agitator bolt, lid switch malfunctions, motor coupling failures, glitches in the control board, and transmission hiccups.
    • Draining Problems: When your machine struggles to drain, it could indicate issues like clogged drain hoses, obstructions in the standpipe, a faulty drain pump, lid switch glitches, improper positioning of the drain hose, and control board failures.
    • Water Filling Issues: Challenges in water filling could stem from problems with the water supply, malfunctioning water inlet valves, water pressure complications, issues with the water level control switch, clogs in the water level pressure hose or inlet screens, and malfunctions in the timer or control board.
    • Abrupt Stops: Your washing machine might halt unexpectedly due to unbalanced loads, lid switch issues, and water inlet problems.
    • Error Codes and Messages:
      Water Inlet Failure: This could be caused by a kinked hose, a clogged water inlet filter, connectivity problems, low water pressure, or a partially open stopcock.
    • Drain Fault: Electrical issues, connectivity problems, a clogged drain filter, or incorrectly positioned drain hose could trigger this fault.
    • Technical Fault: This indicates a potential need for expert inspection due to wiring issues, electrical problems, control panel glitches, power outages, or poor connections.
    • Waterproof Fault: Requires professional intervention if the waterproof system has been activated.
    • Call Service: This may signal a dislodged lamp in the drum or an electrical fault.
    • Blank Display: A display that shows no power could be in standby mode, indicating a door not properly closed, or a result of a tripped fuse or circuit breaker.
    • Indicator Lights and Their Meanings:
      Soak/Pre-Wash, Main Wash, or Rinse Hold Lights: These lights signify technical issues that necessitate a service engineer’s attention.
    • Inlet/Drain Light: Highlights issues with the stopcock, inlet filter, kinked inlet hose, or low water pressure.
    • Excess Detergent or Start Indicator: Signals an incorrect setting for detergent dispensing or issues with the inner lid’s lock.
    • Start LED is Blank: This could be due to improperly closed doors or a lack of power.
    • Noises and Odours:
      Unusual noises and odors might emerge from the pump or drum, indicating various issues that require a technician’s inspection. For comprehensive troubleshooting and remedies, consult the Miele washing machine manual or contact a professional repair service.

    Repair All Miele Washing Machine Error Codes

    • F1/F2 – NTC sensor short-circuit caused by water/heating issue.
    • F10 – Issue with water intake.
    • F11 – Difficulty in draining water.
    • F15 – Problem with heated water intake.
    • F16 – Excessive detergent detected.
    • F19 – Spin issues due to slow water flow.
    • F20 – Water filling problem, possibly linked to the flood prevention mechanism.
    • F29 – Inactive steam heating.
    • F34/F35 – Door locking or unlocking issue.
    • F39 – Electronic control unit malfunction.
    • F41 – Faulty electrical data transmission.
    • F43 – Incorrect appliance programming.
    • F45 – Communication error from the main control board.
    • F50 – Main control board signal error.
    • F51 – Problem with the level switch or pressure sensor.
    • F53 – Speed sensor malfunction detected.
    • F56 – Final spin speed below the required 400rpm.
    • F62 – Faulty program selector.
    • F63 – Water path control unit failure.
    • F65 – Drum lighting cover missing.
    • F81 – Steam generation inactive in the heater unit.
    • F83 – Overheating in the heater unit.
    • F92 – Signs of bacterial or mould growth.
    • F100 – Communication link error.
    • F104 – Low voltage supplied to the motor.
    • F138 – Water presence detected in the drip tray.
    • F140 – Fault in the drainage dispenser unit.

    Miele Fridge Repair Service Center Dubai

    The Miele Fridge Repair services are seriously a lifesaver when you are living in a hot and humid country. A malfunctioning fridge can be seriously annoying when you want to store some food as it would soon get rotten. This is when the Miele refrigerator service centre comes to your rescue with its expert appliance repair technicians.

    The experts at the company offering Miele refrigerator service facilities are highly skilled and well-trained. Your appliance could have any issue with it, and the servicemen will be efficient enough to diagnose it.

    The most common problems connected with refrigerators include frost build-up, condenser coils getting dirty too soon, a faulty thermostat, leaking water, or the fridge not making enough ice. No matter what the issue being faced is, the experts at the Miele refrigerator service centre will bail you out. 

    • Miele Fridge Service Center
    • Miele Fridge Repair
    • Miele Fridge Repair Service Centre
    • Miele Fridge Repair Near Me

    Repair All Miele Fridge Problems

    • Inconsistent Cooling: Some users report the fridge does not maintain a consistent temperature, affecting food preservation.
    • Faulty Ice Maker: Issues with the ice maker not producing ice or producing very little ice.
    • Water Dispenser Malfunctions: The water dispenser either doesn’t work, leaks, or dispenses water slowly.
    • Noisy Operation: Users have noted the fridge can be noisier than expected, with sounds ranging from buzzing to loud humming.
    • Door Seal Problems: Worn or damaged door seals leading to air leaks and reduced efficiency.
    • Control Panel Issues: The electronic control panel may freeze, become unresponsive, or display errors inaccurately.
    • Interior Lighting Faults: LED lights inside the fridge may fail prematurely or flicker.
    • Frost Buildup: Excessive frost and ice buildup in the freezer compartment, even with a no-frost feature.
    • Drainage Issues: Clogged or frozen drainage lines leading to water pooling at the bottom of the fridge.
    • Power Fluctuations: The fridge may unexpectedly shut down or restart due to electrical issues.
    • Odor Inside Fridge: Persistent bad odors inside the fridge despite regular cleaning.
    • Vegetable Drawer Problems: Overcooling or insufficient humidity in the vegetable drawer, affecting produce quality.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity: For smart fridges, issues with connecting to Wi-Fi or using app-based features.

    Repair All Miele Fridge Error Codes:

    • F0: Issue with the temperature sensor in the fridge compartment.
    • F1: Freezer compartment temperature sensor fault.
    • F2: Evaporator sensor problem in the freezer section.
    • F3: Defrosting sensor error.
    • F4: Error with the evaporator sensor in the fridge compartment.
    • F9: Problem detected with the temperature sensor in the ice maker.
    • FE: Electronic control system error.
    • Fd: Door not detected as properly closed.
    • FL: Water filter needs to be replaced.
    • Ff: Freezer compartment fan error.
    • FC: Fridge compartment fan issue.

    Miele Cooking Range Repair Service Center Dubai

    Miele produces some of the best cooking ranges out there that are known for amazing quality and longevity. However, at times, there arises some issue with them, which you would want to get rid of soonest possible for its smooth working. The Miele Cooking Range Service Center will help you with any issue as soon as it arises. 

    The Miele Stove Repair services may be required owing to many reasons including the tripped breaker, pilot light not working, noisy burner or the noisy surface burner. Whatever the problem may be, there will always be a solution in the hands of the experts working with Miele Cooking Range Service Center.

    • Miele Cooking Range Service Center
    • Miele Cooking Range Repair
    • Miele Cooking Range Repair Service Centre
    • Miele Cooking Range Repair Near Me

    Repair All Miele Cooking Range Problems

    • Ignition Issues: Difficulty in igniting the burners, often requiring multiple attempts.
    • Uneven Heating: Burners may provide uneven heat distribution, affecting cooking consistency.
    • Oven Temperature Inaccuracy: The oven may not heat to the set temperature, affecting cooking results.
    • Self-Cleaning Malfunctions: The self-cleaning feature may not work as expected, leaving residue.
    • Control Panel Problems: The digital display or touch controls can become unresponsive or malfunction.
    • Door Latch Issues: Oven door may not close securely or could become stuck.
    • Burner Flame Irregularities: Low flame, yellow flame, or burners going out unexpectedly.
    • Electronic Malfunctions: Frequent electronic glitches, including error codes and system resets.
    • Knob Issues: Knobs becoming loose, stuck, or breaking.
    • Interior Light Problems: Oven light failing to work or flickering.
    • Noise During Operation: Unusual noises during burner or oven use.
    • Connectivity Issues: Problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and smart features not functioning properly.
    • Heating Element Failure: Electric models may experience oven heating element failures.
    • Thermostat Problems: Inaccurate thermostat readings leading to under or over-cooking.

    Repair All Miele Cooking Range Error Codes

    • F0: Problem with the system’s electronic control board.
    • F11: Short circuit in the system.
    • F20: Overheating detected in the oven.
    • F30: Issue with the meat probe sensor.
    • F31: Meat probe short-circuited.
    • F32: Meat probe or its connection leads to a malfunction.
    • F70: Fault in the moisture sensor or its circuit.
    • F90: Door lock system malfunction.
    • F99: Communication error between user interface and electronic control system.
    • FE31: Power supply too low.
    • FE32: Power supply too high.
    • FE40: Electronic system temperature too high.
    • FE41: Cooling system failure.
    • FE42: Ventilation issue.
    • FE47: Faulty control panel connection.
    • F51: Bank sensor fault indicating a problem with the bank of burner controls.
    • F52: Individual burner fault, indicating a specific burner issue.
    • F53: Overload protection tripped for the induction module.
    • F70: Moisture or condensation inside the control panel.
    • F78: Circulation pump failure.
    • F79: Circulation pump speed too low.
    • FA0: Electronic system lock engaged.

    Miele Dishwasher Repair Service Center Dubai

    Dishwashers indeed make life easy! You no longer have to worry about the hassle of having to wash every utensil yourself. Miele dishwashers come in handy when you have a massive pile to wash. But, if this dishwasher starts showing problems while working, you can always consult the Miele dishwasher service center and get it repaired.

    We suggest you start searching the query Miele dishwasher repair near me as soon as there is a problem with your appliance. If you delay, it may turn into something big, which you may not be able to manage later on. 

    • Miele Dishwasher Service Center
    • Miele Dishwasher Repair
    • Miele Dishwasher Repair Service Centre
    • Miele Dishwasher Repair Near Me

    Repair All Miele Dishwasher Problems

    • Water Not Heating – The dishwasher runs but doesn’t heat the water, leading to poor cleaning results.
    • Dishes Not Drying Properly – Users report dishes remain wet even after the drying cycle.
    • Water Not Draining – Water remains in the dishwasher after the cycle has finished.
    • Dishwasher Not Starting – Issues with the power supply, door latch, or control panel prevent start-up.
    • Strange Noises – Unusual noises like grinding, buzzing, or knocking during operation.
    • Leaks and Overflows – Water leaks from the dishwasher door or bottom, potentially causing kitchen floods.
    • Error Codes Displayed – Various error codes pop up, confusing users without a manual.
    • Door Latch Problems – Difficulty in closing the dishwasher door or door not staying closed.
    • Frequent Blockages – The filter or spray arms get clogged frequently, affecting performance.
    • Unpleasant Odors – Persistent bad smells coming from the dishwasher.
    • Control Panel Issues – Unresponsive buttons or malfunctioning touch screens.
    • Poor Cleaning Performance – Dishes come out dirty or with residue, even after a complete cycle.
    • Excessive Cycle Times – Dishwasher cycles run longer than the expected duration.
    • Rust Formation – Signs of rust on the dishwasher interior or on cutlery and dishes.
    • Eco Mode Inefficiency – The Eco mode does not clean as effectively as other settings.

    Repair All Miele Dishwasher Error Codes

    • F11 – Drainage issues, the dishwasher is unable to drain water.
    • F12/F13 – Water intake problem at the start of the cycle.
    • F14 – Water circulation fault; the circulation pump is malfunctioning.
    • F15 – Water intake fault with the hot water system.
    • F19 – Flow meter not registering water flow correctly.
    • F24 – Heating or heating circuit fault detected.
    • F31 – Software fault.
    • F32 – Door lock issue.
    • F52 – Issue with the water level pressure switch.
    • F63 – Slide shutter signal change fault.
    • F67 – Circulation pump speed too low.
    • F70 – Float switch fault, indicating a water overflow or leak.
    • F78 – Circulation pump operation fault.
    • F79 – Circulation pump interaction fault.
    • F84 – Slide shutter positioning fault.
    • F85 – Slide shutter signal fault.
    • F86 – Lid contact problem.
    • F88 – Plateau communication fault.
    • F91 – Door lock assembly fault. F92 – Door lock contact problem.
    • F99 – Heat sink overheating fault.

    Miele Dryer Repair Service Center Dubai

    There is no use in washing the clothes if they end up being damp. A malfunctioning dryer can cause a lot of annoyance for the users. A clogged exhaust vent, clogged lint filter, non-working temperature gauge and many other such issues can lead to a malfunctioning dryer. 

    Simply call the Miele Dryer Repair Service Center and booking an appointment will help you sort this issue out in no time. The Miele dryer service telephone number +971 50 3783499 for a quick appointment. 

    • Miele Dryer Service Center
    • Miele Dryer Repair
    • Miele Dryer Repair Service Centre
    • Miele Dryer Repair Near Me

    Repair Miele Dryer Problems

    • Dryer Not Starting:
      Faulty power supply.
      Malfunctioning door latch.
      Defective start switch.
    • Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle:
      Overheated motor.
      Tripped thermal fuse.
      Clogged lint filter causing overheating.
    • No Heat Production:
      Faulty heating element.
      Malfunctioning thermostat.
      Broken thermal fuse.
    • Excessive Noise:
      Worn out drum bearings or rollers.
      Loose items or debris in the drum.
      Belt issues.
    • Taking Too Long to Dry:
      Clogged venting.
      Lint filter needs cleaning.
      Overloading of the dryer.
    • Error Messages or Codes:
      Display of error codes indicating various issues (details in the next section).
    • Drum Not Spinning:
      Broken drive belt.
      Faulty roller or spindle.
      Motor issues.
    • Clothes Coming Out Wrinkled:
      Incorrect heat setting.
      Leaving clothes in the dryer too long after cycle ends.
    • Condenser Dryer Issues:
      Blocked condenser unit.
      Water tank full.
      Airflow restrictions.
    • Dryer Getting Too Hot:
      Malfunctioning heating element.
      Blocked air flow.
      Faulty thermostat.

    Repair All Miele Dryer Error Codes

    • F01 – Power or control board issue.
    • F02 – Water/Condensate outlet blocked.
    • F03 – Heating system fault.
    • F04 – Faulty temperature sensor or thermostat.
    • F10 – Exhaust/airflow issue, often due to lint build-up or obstructed vent.
    • F11 – Drainage fault.
    • F13 – Steam generator issue (Steam models only).
    • F14 – Dryer’s lint filter issue.
    • F15 – Heat sink overheating.
    • F20 – Overheating due to restricted airflow or a faulty thermostat.
    • F22 – Fault in the moisture sensor or circuit.
    • F23 – Water tank not positioned correctly or full.
    • F50 – Drive problem, related to the drum not spinning correctly.
    • F63 – Control board communication error.
    • F66 – Filter saturation.
    • F67 – Door lock issue.
    • F70 – Faulty interface between control panel and control board.
    • F90 – Room temperature sensor fault.
    • F91 – Maximum length of program exceeded.
    • F92 – Cooling down time exceeded.
    • F93 – Maximum drying time exceeded.
    • F94 – Maximum Klixon temperature exceeded.
    • F95 – Maximum exhaust air temperature exceeded.
    • F96 – Maximum under-counter temperature exceeded.
    • F97 – Maximum compressor temperature exceeded.
    • F98 – Maximum heat pump temperature exceeded.
    • F99 – General error code for unspecified faults.

    Why Choose The Daewoo Service Center?

    1. Highly trained technicians with expertise in Miele appliance repair.
    2. Quick turnaround time for repairs, minimizing downtime.
    3. Access to specialized tools and equipment for Miele appliances.
    4. Extensive experience diagnosing and fixing a wide range of Miele appliance issues.
    5. Priority service for emergency repairs to ensure minimal inconvenience.
    6. Thorough inspection and diagnosis to identify underlying issues.
    7. Transparent communication regarding repair options and costs.
    8. Efficient troubleshooting to pinpoint problems accurately.
    9. Flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your availability.
    10. Eco-friendly repair practices to minimize environmental impact.
    11. Assistance with warranty claims and paperwork for Miele appliances.
    12. Customized maintenance plans to optimize appliance performance.
    13. Upfront pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.
    14. Access to Miele-approved replacement parts and accessories.
    15. Personalized customer service tailored to your needs.
    16. Detailed explanations of repair procedures and recommendations.
    17. Convenient online booking system for service appointments.
    18. Follow-up support to ensure satisfaction with the repair.
    19. Assistance with Miele appliance installation and setup.
    20. Regular updates on the status of your repair.
    21. Commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.
    22. Expert advice on Miele appliance care and maintenance.
    23. Special discounts or promotions for loyal customers.
    24. Comprehensive warranty coverage on repairs.
    25. Compliance with Miele’s service standards and guidelines.
    26. Availability for both residential and commercial Miele appliance repairs.
    27. Reliable service backed by a solid reputation in the industry.
    28. Assistance with troubleshooting common Miele appliance issues remotely.
    29. Recommendations for optimizing energy efficiency and performance.
    30. Continued education and training to stay up-to-date with the latest Miele technologies.

    Hired Miele Service Center Experts

    The presence of Miele repair service center in Dubai gives a lot of security to the users of Miele appliances. They can head over to the outlet anytime they want to get their products repaired. Our service center is definitely a place you can trust with your eyes closed!

    We Cover All Areas In Dubai

    • Miele Service Center In Al Barsha
    • Miele Service Center In Minneapolis
    • Miele Service Center In Discovery Gardens
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah Village Triangle (Jvt)
    • Miele Service Center In Oasis
    • Miele Service Center In Qusais
    • Miele Service Center In Al Furjan
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah
    • Miele Service Center In Umm Suqeim
    • Miele Service Center In Arabian Ranches 2
    • Miele Service Center In International City
    • Miele Service Center In Abu Dhabi
    • Miele Service Center In Sharjah
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah Village Circle (Jvc)
    • Miele Service Center In Sheikh Zayed
    • Miele Service Center In Karama
    • Miele Service Center In Dubai International City
    • Miele Service Center In In Rashidiya
    • Miele Service Center In Al Sufouh
    • Miele Service Center In Emirates Hills
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah Golf Estate
    • Miele Service Center In Springs
    • Miele Service Center In Al Quoz
    • Miele Service Center In Green Community
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah Island
    • Miele Service Center In Studio City
    • Miele Service Center In Al Warqa
    • Miele Service Center In Mira 1
    • Miele Service Center In Remraam
    • Miele Service Center In Sustainable City
    • Miele Service Center In Al Wasl
    • Miele Service Center In Mirdif
    • Miele Service Center In Raffa
    • Miele Service Center In Tecom
    • Miele Service Center In Motor City
    • Miele Service Center In Hamriya
    • Miele Service Center In Silicon
    • Miele Service Center In The Lakes
    • Miele Service Center In Meadows
    • Miele Service Center In Wafi City
    • Miele Service Center In Barsha South
    • Miele Service Center In Mudon
    • Miele Service Center In World Trade Center
    • Miele Service Center In Bur Dubai
    • Miele Service Center In Marina
    • Miele Service Center In Nad-al-hamar
    • Miele Service Center In Zabeel
    • Miele Service Center In Burj Khalifa
    • Miele Service Center In Jafiliya
    • Miele Service Center In Oud Metha
    • Miele Service Center In Downtown Dubai
    • Miele Service Center In Deira
    • Miele Service Center In Jumeirah Beach Residence (Jbr)
    • Miele Service Center In Palm Jumeirah
    • Miele Service Center In The Gardens Road
    • Miele Service Center In Difc
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